VimTutorPlus was built to provide a convenient intro to the Vim text editor. New users can learn the basic movements and shortcuts in the browser without having to install Vim locally.

If you find that you enjoy the Vim experience, there are installation instructions below as well as further resources you can peruse to learn more.

What is Vim?

Vim is a terminal based text editor known for its keyboard-centric use. Common editing tasks such as inserting, deleting, and replacing text are mapped to specific key bindings that are all accessible from the homerow.

Vim's learning curve is higher than traditional editors, but learning the basics is useful for when you find yourself in terminal only environments. All linux machines use

Installing Vim

Although all the exercises included in VimTutor+ can be completed in the in-browser editor, we highly encourage you to install Vim or MacVim on your machine if you'd like to do the exercises using the fully featured Vim editor.


  • Step 1: Go to the Vim Download page
  • Step 2: Download "gvim72.exe."
  • Step 3: After downloading go to your "Downloads" folder
  • Step 4: Click on the "gVim72.exe" which will launch the automatic setup wizard.


  • Step 1: Install homebrew from their official site
  • Step 2: Open a terminal and run export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH
  • Step 3: Run brew update
  • Step 4: Run brew install vim && brew install macvim
  • Step 5: Run brew link macvim
  • Step 6: Open a new terminal and start vim with mvim


  • Step 1: Open a terminal and run sudo apt-get install vim
  • Step 2: Open a new terminal and run vim

Learning Vim

The efficiency gained with Vim is directly correlated to your familiarity with its keybindings. With that said, learning Vim requires a lot of practice to use effectively.

This site is meant to provide a friendly and convenient way to practice the most useful keybindings one-by-one. The in-browser Vim emulator does not support all of the features you'll find in the real version, however, all of the major navigation bindings are available in VimTutorPlus.

At first, Vim will feel a bit clunky, this is normal. We encourage you to repeat the exercises as needed to memorize the shortcuts and engrain the keyboard-only mindset. In very little time, you'll begin to discover the convenience it provides.

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